Knowing your body type will help find the right weight loss and fitness program that suits your body type.
There are Three basic body types. What Body Type are you?

Physical Traits
Naturally skinny,
Long limbs, linear
Small joints, small-boned
Small waist, narrow shoulders
Naturally lean
Low strength
Fast metabolism
Donít store carbohydrates as fat
High energy levels
Tendency to be overactive and restless
Natural born endurance athletes

Body Composition
Body fat level – low
Muscularity - Low

Athletic Example
Marathon runner

ECTOMORPH Respond best
to low volume, brief, infrequent,
high intensity weight training It
takes years of hard weight training
and heavy eating to overcome this body type
Physical Traits
Medium joint circumference
Small waist
Broad/square shoulders
Chest dominates over abdominal area
Naturally lean
Naturally muscular
Naturally strong
High energy levels
Donít store carbohydrates as fat
Highly efficient (fast) metabolism
Controlling body fat is easy
Gaining strength is easy
Gaining muscle is easy
Losing body fat is easy

Body composition
Body fat level – low to medium, Muscularity- high.

Athletic Example
Hockey player.

MESOMORPH Responds very quickly
to just about any type of training
(fast results) Natural born athlete
(successful at strength and power sports)
Top-level professional bodybuilders are
often pure mesomorphs
Physical Traits
Naturally high levels of body fat
Large boned, large joints, large frame
Short, tapering arms and legs
Smooth, round body contours (round or pear shaped body)
Wide waist and hips
Waist dominates over chest
Tendency to always store excess calories as fat
Keeping fat off after it is lost is a challenge
Sluggish, slow moving and lacking energy
Slow thyroid or other hormone imbalance
Sensitive to carbohydrates
Naturally slow metabolic rate
Falls asleep easily and sleeps deeply
A lot of cardio is necessary to lose weight and body fat

Body Composition
Body fat level high
Muscularity – low to medium.

Athletic Example
Offensive lineman

ENDOMORPH Respond best to frequent, even daily, training


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